Our company offers services in 3D-scanning of various objects. We create three-dimensional models of physical objects quickly and with high quality. 3D-scanning in Chelyabinsk and other cities allows for quick obtaining of an accurate 3D-model of any object.

    3D-scanning is a contactless process of digitization of a physical object. As a result, you obtain a three-dimensional model of an object in the form of an STL file, which can be opened in any 3D-modelling program or be converted into other formats (OBJ, WRML, ASCII, AOP, PLY, PTX or X_T).

    The 3D-scanning service is in high demand in many areas of modern production. It will help to quickly and simply solve even the most complex tasks:

    • Reverse engineering studies a part or a product for errors, compares the made object with the CAD-drawing, allows for obtaining drawing documentation for the part.
    • Designing of products, spare parts and tooling if original technical documentation for the basic product is unavailable.
    • 3D-digitization of surfaces having a complex shape, including art forms and moulds.
    • 3D-scanning of complex products, including art forms and moulds.
    • Creation of a 3D-model of the object for further manufacture on a CNC machine.
    • Creation of a 3D-model of a person or body parts for medical and other purposes.
    • 3D-printing or replication of an object.

    The result of 3D-scanning is a STL file, which can be converted into another format. The company specialist can rework the obtained model: “fill the gaps”, smoothen irregularities of the model surface. If a scanned part consists of several items, its three-dimensional model will be a unified object. Such a single part can be disassembled into components or vice versa — one object can be assembled from different parts.

    Our company offers services in 3D-scanning of the following objects:

    • Car or motorcycle
    • Car parts
    • Mechanism parts
    • Interior items
    • Moulding dies